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Announcement: The New Torch Entertainment Guide Website

Hey everyone,

After  months of work and preparation, we, the Torch Crew, are happy to announce that we have a new website! Yes! Awesome. The reason for this move is basically because we are running out of space on the WordPress.com blog site, so we bit the bullet and bought a bigger server on WordPress, of course. We would never leave WordPress We love you, WordPress! Anyways, we have a new site now and we have started to upload tons of our articles there, so head over to www.thetorchentertainmentguide.com to see them  and don’t forget join the new website for updates on articles. Newsletters and other awesome goodies.

We will be transferring the http://www.thetorchslguide.com domain to the new page so nothing will really change there. We aren’t sure when we are going to transfer it to the new place but you’ll know when we do.  Here is to a new start and a new website!


Join us on www.thetorchentertainmentguide.com 

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Thank you to all the followers we have gained through our 4 years on WordPress.com and we hope to see you other on the New site.


The Torch Crew.

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