Ryukyu Torch Warriors – Relay For Life Season 2014

Welcome To Our Team Page

Ryukyu torch

Our Goal: $1500 (L$300,000)

Total Donated: $315 (L$78,860)


We are members of this community of Second Life, passionate about promoting Relay For Life of Second Life and all that it represent in this fight for More Birthdays, the care of Cancer Survivors and the support of Caregivers everywhere. We must end this fight so that no one ever has to face this foe. They say 2 out of 3 people are surviving cancer today. We fight for them, but we mainly fight for that one, so that they will never hear the words “There is nothing more we can do!”


Bain Finch



Silverfox Rainbow

Silverflame Mistwalker

Craig Le 

Debby Sharma

Audio Nation Radio

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Donation Locations

Richmond Elementary (also some vendors and an auction)

Neko Zone

If you cannot be in Second Life, or if you want to donate before the season begins, you can do so here


3 comments on “Ryukyu Torch Warriors – Relay For Life Season 2014

  1. Quite fine! By the way where did you get that picture?

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