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Hi, we are The Torch: Entertainment  Guide. The Torch has about 6 000 readers each day and climbing. We write about a variety of subjects within Online Entertainment, such as games, virtual worlds and books. We are aiming for newcomers in each of these areas and our goal is to introduce people to new forms of entertainment that are closely related to what they already like as well as promoting lesser known artists, writers and creators.

The magazine now seeks people in the following position: Virtual World Journalist
The magazine seeks to fill two positions, dealing mainly with virtual worlds, one for virtual world news and one for virtual world culture.

To be considered for the postition, you have to have the following qualifications:
*You must have an interest in virtual world news, culture and announcements
*You must be able to work to weekly deadlines
*You must be able to work on your own initiative
*You must have experience in writing and be able to demonstrate this

Experience in writing for magazines or blogs is advantageous.

Payment will be done through Paypal, so you need to have or be willing to get a Paypal account. Payment is 4-12GBP PCM depending on experience and nature of the work.

About The Torch: Entertainment Guide

The Torch Entertainment Guide (also known as The Torch SL Guide), was created in 2011 by Chris C & Kennie M. It began as a Second Life based teaching blog, showing  new Second Life users an in depth look into  “Life” within this virtual world. We explained what users did, how it was done and why it was done, doing our best to enlighten them about the weird yet fascinating user created world they now found themselves a part of. In Mid 2012 we began to write about more Real Life stories,such as music, technology, videos games and literature using Second Life as well as other social media as a platform for promotion, building awareness for a product, person or  interest. In 2013 we have continued to do so and have partnered ourselves with among others Online Radio Station Audio Nation.


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