The Torch Guiding Light Hunt 3 – In Space

Guiding Light Poster v2


The third installation of anything is always hard. You want to go into something familiar, borderline cliché, but still want it to be different enough for the new audience. That is why we now take The Torch Guiding Light Hunt into SPACE!

Join our intergalactic adventure through all of Second Life, sign up using the form below.

Start date: March 1st 2015

End date: March 31st  2015

Application deadline: February 5th 2015

The rules are the same as last time, but since we don’t rely on you remembering (or even seen) them, here’s a recap:

1. Hunt gifts should most be at least 20 meters from Landing spot.
2. All hunt gifts must come with clear instructions on how to use an item if it needs to be rezzed to use or isn’t wearable.
3. Hunt gifts should be visible in mouse view, so newcomers don’t have to use object view. (Most newcomers don’t know about camming yet.)
4. Hunt gifts should be griefer-proof.
5. All hunt gifts must be given with permission from the creator
6. Non-stores can give something unique to their destination as a hunt gift, such as club t-shirt or gestures.
7. Don’t forget your hints.
8. All Items must be 0L$
9. No use of Decoys, Second Life is confusing enough without them. This is intended as an introduction to SL and hunting.
10. Don’t change the colour of the box You are given.
11. Treat Newcomers with the same respect you expect from them.
12. Remember this is promoting you as much as it is helping them.
13. READ EVERYTHING THAT IS GIVEN TO YOU. The Torch is not responsible for misunderstandings due to you not reading every instruction.
14. Have fun!
The hunt gifts should be things they can use right away, without modifications. For example non-prim clothes, attachable items or prim clothes with a shape so they don’t have to mod the prims.


This hunt will act as a learning tool for newcomers introducing them to different aspects of Second Life. We are looking for Destinations/ Merchants from every part of Second Life, from Nekos to Furries, from animations to gestures as well as clothing that comes under different cultures and genres in Second Life. For example Goth, Vampire, Fantasy and Cyber.


The theme is, as the name suggests, SPACE, so get your creative juices flowing and come up with the best popular references or sci-fi originals!




14 comments on “The Torch Guiding Light Hunt 3 – In Space

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  2. NeoVIctoria is really looking forward to this hunt. We did an announcement with a picture of our hunt gift! Here’s the link:

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  4. Was told about this hunt by a few newcomer friends, the were explaining to me how very hard hunting was and both gave up after the third location on the map stating they could only find the first. Trying to help them i decided to do the hunt myself and give them some tips on using clues and hints but without teaching them to use area search or any of the other tactics used by many. I was to be honest a little perplexed after starting the hunt myself as I too could not find the item at the second or third location without using wire frame view or area search. Then upon reading the rules of the hunt I was truly annoyed. It states clearly that this is an intro type hunt for newcomers and the hunt item should not be changed this includes the name of the item, hidden too well or in an area that isn’t accessible with mouse view. What upset me was that the participants in the hunt have done exactly that, they have changed the items appearance and or name, hidden it in areas you can’t possible walk to or put it so far away from the landing point that it would take search dogs to find it. What is the purpose of this? Did the vendors not read the instructions or did they just decide to make them up as they went along? Newcomers get treated badly at many many places in SL. This is supposed to welcome them to your store, give them a helpful item and help introduce them to hunts as well as provide exposure for your products. I don’t see that happening here. I would like to be able to tell more inexperienced hunters to try this hunt but I in all fairness I cannot do that. I really hope that the shop owners that HAVE changed the rules to suit themselves change the items to fall into the guidelines of the hunt not only for the hunters that are new to this world but to your fellow retailers involved in this hunt. You stopping hunters from progressing to the next without your gift really doesn’t look very good on the hunt as a whole and were I a store owner involved with this I would insist that the rules be followed by everyone to make this a fun experience, not a reason to give up on hunts altogether.

    • Hello Saban!
      Are you sure it’s the Jack-O-Lantern Hunt item you’ve been looking at? It’s a small, rotating pumpkin, the rotation of it makes it more visible and the contrast between the bright and dark should help too. The item was designed to be visible, even from a distance.
      We have had strict control during the setup of this hunt and have made sure that everyone follows the rules, no items have been modified (they CAN’T modify it), none of them have been renamed, other than to put their number on it so you can compare it to the list and know which item you just found. The only thing the participating merchants could do is to fill the item with their giveaways and place it, and we did check to make sure the items could be found.

      You also say that we stop hunters from progressing to the next location without finding the item, this is false as none of the gifts contain the landmark to the next location. You have to go to THIS page to find the next one, meaning you can find them in any order you want. Every gift also have instructions clearly saying that, in case someone finds the gift in a store without knowing about the hunt.

      These are serious accusations and I will check it out, but I do get the feeling that you haven’t really read this page or the instructions before you posted.

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