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Journalists (1 Positions Available)

We are looking for self-sufficient writers to write about any of these areas:

Virtual Worlds: Second Life, inWorldz and OpenSim.

You will be required to write ONE ARTICLE  per week and each article must be between 300-600 words, including pictures. We assume you know about copyright laws and what pictures you can and cannot use. We also expect you to find subjects to write about yourself, at times we will give you an idea for an article and want you to run with it.

You will be paid monthly at a rate of 400L$ per article.

To apply, we will need to see a test of your abilities. You don’t need to write a completely new article, it is ok to show your previous work.

Experience not essential but desirable.

To apply for this position email the following to

(Second Life) Username:

Valid Email Address:

Valid Skype ( SL Skype preferred):

300 Word Article On a subject of your choice in your chosen field (music review, book review, Second Life location etc.)  Microsoft word.doc or OpenOffice document attached to the email.


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