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Inspiring You ~ Part I

There are two things in-world that are most famous. One is fashion and the other is photography. Both can come either free or with a fee. Either ways, these both are loved by every resident in-world even if he or she denies it. Recently, I have developed a taste of photography among other things. Yesterday I was talking to one of the admirers of my work,  !mag!nat!on Photo Studiosand he asked me about my inspirations. So, this blog goes out to him and all the photographers who wants to be inspired.

There are few people who have a great collection in photography. An thankfully, I have them all either on flicker o facebook. As  almost all residents have a both the accounts to connect for business and to make friends in the in-world community.

The following list in not on the basis on my preferences.

Goodnight Photography

Goodnight Photography

Silverhawk Creations

Silverhawk Creations

The Most beautiful photos of Second Life

The Most beautiful photos of Second Life

There are other bloggers who are also good photographers like Bea Serendipity, Magissa Denver, Strawberry Singh among others. These days most of the bloggers are good photographers.

Considering them, I have a long way to go. Although there are many who guide us how to take good photos, in my next part I will give a few tips that I learnt in the past year.

Who is your favorite Photographer?

Tell us in the comments below. Lets see what we can learn from them.



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