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s | HE | ~ Part 1

The Man Week is soon coming up. Starting from the 7th to the 11th of April, 2014. This time I was told to come up with something in relation to man and 3D world. Which gave me an idea to write about creating an avatar and roam around the sim to experience life of a Man. To do so I had to create an avatar in Second Life. The challenge I took was to create one with minimum Linden Dollars and at the same time not compromising on the quality.


The following are the links to Market Place to buy skin, shape, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories. All the items are in the range of L$0 to L$10.


Skin L$1


Shape L$6 L$1 L$5 L$1


Skin+ Shape L$10 L$10 L$1


Eyes L$5


Hair L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1



Glasses/shades: L$1 L$9

Necklace for men L$1 L$1 L$1


Ring L$1


Belt L$1


Hats L$9 L$9


Watch L$10


Shoes L$0 L$9 L$1 L$5 L$1 L$9 L$10

Outfit L$10 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$1 L$10 L$1 L$1 L$10 L$10 L$3 L$1 L$10


If you want the full avatar including shape, skin, outfit and accessories. You may try the JStyle Store In-World. Click here to visit the map


Apart from this I also asked a question to all men in Facebook. “What are your favorite Shopping Destination?” Here are the answers.


Please share your favorite shopping destination in the comments section.


In the s | HE | ~ Part 2, I will be talking about my experience in a Man Avatar for the next 24 hours.



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