Second Life on the Go ~ “SL Go” app

The days of being a couch potato have ended. No more high end graphics drive needed. Access your world even when you are away from the desktop. With the help of OnLive, you can now get full advantage of cloud gaming. A touchscreen based interactive application, called SL GO, is now available for your Android devices. The app is currently available for United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

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What would I see?

  • Ultra high quality graphics, full shaders and shadows with advance lighting models.
  • Speeds over 50 FPS (frames per second) with a 512 meter draw distance
  • Objects and textures rez quickly when logging in or teleporting.
  • A player can immerse oneself in combat sessions, events etc. that are wide spread across the sim.
  • Access to edit menus, inventory, preference setting etc. just like through the desktop.
What are the advantages?
  • High quality on Low powered devices.
  • OnLive has clocked the SL viewer at 200 FPS to ultra with maximum render distance
  • Buy time credits get charged to the account you sign up, which has no expiry and can can be used at your own pace.
  • A free 20 minutes trial.


What are the requirements?

  • WiFi or a 4G/LTE connectivity.
  • Tablets with Android 3.2 or higher
  • Smart phones with Android 4.0 or higher
  • Time Credit Packages – Currently offering introductory pricing at $3 per hour$8 per 3 hours (10% saving); $25 per 15 hours (15% saving) or a Free 20-minute Trial. 

*Note: All prices are exclusive of data carrier or ISP chargers

How do I install the app?
  1. Click here to go to sign-up page. If you already have an account, log in here.
  2. Buy packages for time credits for your account.
  3. From your android device download the app from Google Play.
  4. When you launch the SL Go app, login with OnLive account. 
  5. Then you will launch the Second Life, log in with your Second Life account.
What are the compatible devices?
  • Tablets and Smart phones,
  • The app is also available for PC and Mac with OnLive Game Service Desktop Client.
  • It is also available on TV. This requires you to own OnLive Game System, USB Keyboard, mouse and wired ethernet.


What to expect in future?

  • Voice chat
  • Expand the services to other locales.
  • iOS version of the app.
For more information in the future you can sign up here to be notified.

6 comments on “Second Life on the Go ~ “SL Go” app

  1. Complete retarded to charge for this, SL is free and so should this wtf!

  2. True, but few people do use this. Its just a matter of opinion and resources.

  3. using it or not you shouldn’t charge for it, it defeats the purpose of taking SL on the go

  4. I see I am not wrong on what I say. As long as you charge you will have little to no one wanting to use this app till you make it free.

  5. A new information has just been realized by Onlive, that anyone who signs up for the SL Go app will be able to experience a free week of SL on the go. The reason being, 20 minutes were not enough for the player to have an experience.

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