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The Torch Podcast – The pilot part 1

And so it has finally arrived, The Torch Entertainment Guide Podcast, where the crew, and sometimes guests, will discuss current topics and the pros and cons of what is being done.

This time, WilMorris, Atomp and Morphman are discussing the pros and cons of Always-Online DRM and Early Access in gaming along with other topics.

This is the first part of the pilot episode.

Tip: If you cannot be by the computer or on the Internet for the full hour, you can access the podcast through the Soundcloud smartphone app or download the entire episode and save for later listening.

This recording is protected under the Creative Commons 3.0 by-nc-sa license. You may download, copy, share, redistribute, mix, add to and/or change the recording for noncommercial purposes as long as this license is kept intact and attribution to the original is kept. For more information, look at the CC3.0 by-nc-sa guide.


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