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Hidden Gems of Second Life: New London Village

Tower Bridge in New London Village

Tower Bridge in New London Village

This week’s HIdden Gem is New London Village! If you are looking for your own slice of England or London in Second Life, then this sim is a must visit! I last covered New London Village, as part of the Torch’s Around the World Series. The sim has had many changes since my last feature story.  Before we go into changes, let’s explain the concept of New London Village.

New London Village is a sim which seeks to bring you the best pieces of England into one sim. The sim has replicas of many famous English landmarks, including: The London Eye, The Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge, Baker’s Street, and has a thriving Dr. Who area above the sim.

Tower of London, The London Eye, and the Palace of Westminster in New London Village

Tower of London, The London Eye, and the Palace of Westminster in New London Village


Tower Bridge in New London Village

The sim is owned and operated by Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide. I was able to catch up with Laredo and to get his thoughts on the sim and information about the new changes. As Laredo explained, the sim was 5 years old and the changes involved the layout of the sim, to make it easier for guests and residents to navigate and to change the sim up somewhat. Local residents have rezzed items to amuse themselves, such as sea monsters to channel the Loch Ness Monster and boats to navigate the increased water ways of New London Village.  Other changes to the sim includes updating most of the buildings to mesh builds and the focus on England as a whole, instead of just London.

Upcoming plans include adding more famous English landmarks and the holding of some very popular English type of festivals in the summer.  Of course the sim is still true to it’s Dr. Who roots and have started a Dr. Who club and as mentioned earlier, the sim still has a Dr. Who roleplay area in the sky above the sim.   Dr. Who enthusiasts can purchase items from the sim’s flagship brand of Dr. Who items, NLS or New London Systems.  New London Village also boasts thriving entertainment, with DJ and club events throughout the week and on the weekends. 7Seas fishers can battle the seas monster and fish in the sim’s weekly Sunday fishing contest  and the sim is currently running an En Garde tournament. Other events are trivia Wednesdays and Radio Theater on Mondays and Tuesdays.

For inquiries about New London Village, please contact Laredo Lowtide in Second Life. To keep up with the upcoming events and special things in New London Village, visit and book mark their official blog and of course check out the sim the next time you are in Second Life!


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