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Types of Nekos

Types of Nekos

The lifestyle of being a neko is not an easy one, in fact being a neko is just like being a cat in the Real World. Keep in mind that because neko’s are so popular it has become very difficult to make a person stand out from the crowd because like cats in RL there are so many different ones out there to choose from and even then it also means that showing off unique you are is even more difficult. Below you will find a small list of some of the types of nekos there are out there.

First off there are the Steam Punk type nekos, who are much like the more modern version of the Victorian style clothing and have a bit more rustic look. It can sometimes be looked at as a as a modern cowboy/cowgirl style. It is simple to find things to wear in the online marketplace you can search for steam punk, Victorian, or even neko steam punk. These are just examples of ways to find great outfits.

The next great version of the neko is the fantastic post- apocalyptic type neko, who runs around with a mask on their faces because they cannot breathe the air. These type are often seen with grudge style clothing and will have tattoos and blood on them. Often they are wearing clothing that is torn, blood stained, and looking dirty. The best way to find these kinds of neko outfits is to look at the marketplace online and search just simply neko; this will give you the biggest variety that you can find on the marketplace.

The last one well discuss for this article is the cutesy type neko, these are typically children and can come a variety of different look from the dark and scary to the lovable little kittens many peoples see in Second Life. These little guys come in all kinds of shapes and designs with a number of different colors. The reason these are most often children is because they are often shown as much smaller than most other nekos and are often mistaken as a child av as well.  The best way to find these cute little guys on the Marketplace is to search under child neko, tiny neko, or just neko and weed them out for yourself.

These are the three most popular one that I have personally found and hope you enjoyed the little introduction on the styles. This article will have one more follow up for all those out there that have questions and need them answered please feel free to comment on this post or drop me a notecard or IM and I will post responses in my next article. I am planning on creating a few more articles for this series of articles on nekos but I need all my readers to take the time to let me know what you want to hear about. Thanks everyone, KittySmiles Soulstar, I hope you have enjoyed the articles so far.


About Lil Kitty Soulstar

Hi, I am KittySmiles Soulstar, I have been playing on Second Life since 3/7/2009 and I have learned a lot. I hope to help other new players to see just how much fun Second Life can be if you are able to do just a few small things in Second Life. This advice column is offered to everyone newcomers and vetren players a like. If you need to ask for something special send me and email@ You can also IM me in Secondlife at KittySmiles Soulstar if you find I am offline then feel free to drop me a notecard or just email me. I am happy to help you out. I also write for The Torch SL Guide an up and coming Second Life Magazine that helps out newcomers that need some help.

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