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Nothing Slimy About S.L.U.G

The store S.L.U.G is set over two floors and has a nice range of clothes costing from L$19 up to L$400. The first floor has women’s clothing and full outfit’s, some even include shoes.

Upstairs has a great variety of clothes from men’s, ladies and more a more expensive range.  They sell everything from panties to that big night out gowns.

For the men, boxers to tux’s the store is simple but nice. However the pricing’s isn’t that clear until you hover over the image, but all in all a nice place as some of the price’s are really good  I would say this is a newcomer  friendly environment.

The music they play is called slow radio, not too bad but maybe not to everyone’s taste, all in all not the best looking store but worth a visit if you have a few Ls to spend.

Newbie-Friendly: 6 out of 10
Clothes rating: 7 out of 10
Overall Experience (including music): 7 out of 10
In the image above:
Lady is wearing the A STAR IS BORN BLACK FORMAL Full outfit at L$25
Look is wearing S.L.U.G. DARKEN JEAN OUTFIT costing L$99

Check out the store

Look Stoop


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