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Midnight Eclipse Strip Club and Mall

Midnight Eclipse

You can only imagine who surprised I was when I say this place. I am talking fantastic décor, excellent details down to the unlucky chair. The Halloween decorations made the place even more of a gothic style to the whole place. The club has the fantastic location and awesome staff and owner. You will feel like you walked into a family club with all the more mystique that makes it all the more gothic.
Opening in February of this year, 2011, it has 94 total members and has a friendly family oriented type staff. They are looking for workers who want to join a fun and friendly club. In the staff they look for nice look avatars, in other words you can’t look like a newcomer. They are hiring strippers, hosts, and even DJ’s who have been on Second Life for more than 30 days for hosts and dancers/strippers and 60 days for the DJ’s with their own stream. If you need an application contact Maleficent Silentghost and she will be happy to hook you up with a notecard application.
When talking with Maleficent, I learned how she feels about her club and what her club means to her. When asked what makes her club really great, she says that her strippers are what makes people feel happy and love to stick around. The strippers are required to be able to emote very well and are very engaging and friendly. The hosts are also friendly as well and fantastic DJ’s.
They have events at different times throughout the day and week; they are hoping to find live bands to increase the traffic. There is even a full mall that has many stores and things to look at. They are also hosting a photo contest, its 25L$ to enter and voting costs 10L$. The prize is 300L$, however if they get two full pages they will increase the prize to 500L$.
While finishing the interview I asked Maleficent if she had any advice for people who are either new to Second Life or wanting to start up a club or those who have been in Second Life for a while and what to start a club for the first time. This is what she had to say, “It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and a trusting, hardworking staff that is willing to put in the hours and time to help you with the club.” She was glad to help me with the article and hopes that the article will bring even more traffic to the club and mall. I think her club rocks and is going be around a long time.
One last note before I close this article, if you want to go to a gothic club that has a family feel to it then this is the club for you. The mall and club make you feel very welcomed while still being gothic. They accept everyone no matter the way your avatar looks like nekos, dragons, furrys, and even lycans. The only thing is that you have to look like an adult and act like an adult. So head over to Midnight Eclipse Strip club and Mall and check it out for yourself.


About Lil Kitty Soulstar

Hi, I am KittySmiles Soulstar, I have been playing on Second Life since 3/7/2009 and I have learned a lot. I hope to help other new players to see just how much fun Second Life can be if you are able to do just a few small things in Second Life. This advice column is offered to everyone newcomers and vetren players a like. If you need to ask for something special send me and email@ You can also IM me in Secondlife at KittySmiles Soulstar if you find I am offline then feel free to drop me a notecard or just email me. I am happy to help you out. I also write for The Torch SL Guide an up and coming Second Life Magazine that helps out newcomers that need some help.

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