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Raid the Marketplace: Halloween Cossies

It’s Halloween time in Second Life and everyone is looking for awesome costumes to wear to Halloween parties and events all over the Grid. But a great Second Life Halloween Costume doesn’t have to have to scraping their pockets for that extra bit of Linden, so there are a few of the many cheap and free costumes that can be found of the Second Life Marketplace.

                                                                                   Taliesins Tails BloodMoon Lilith Flexi: 100L$

                                             Skin: AL Vuro Group  Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Sexy Witch 1L$  Hair: Exile 

                                                                                     The Ring: Samara Avatar 0L$

                                                                     Tartessa Arts Halloween Monk Costume 1L$

                                                        Boots: J +T Halloween Boots 195L$  Outfit: Witch Dress 10L$

                                                                                   XC Ghost Bride Avatar: 99L$


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