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Cyber in INSILICO – Roleplaying In SL

The tall towers goes far off into the smog, all I saw was cold, dark steel. A beeping in my ear alerted me that someone was near. I turned around and scanned the humanoid who just arrived per the transport beam. It was my beloved Iz M. “Do you want to get a snack at Buddha’s Bowl?” she asked. I nodded in reply. We walked the long metal road to Buddha’s Bowl. “Ni hao” the hologram said. “Ni hao” I replied. “Ni xu yao dian xie shen me?” the hologram said. My translator box beeped in my ear and the mechanical voice said “What would you like to order?”. I looked at the dispenser and then at Iz M, asking her “What would you like? I just got my creds today, so it’s on me.”

Iz M and Morph in INSILICO

This is the second part of the Roleplaying In SL series, this time we are looking at the cyber world of INSILICO. Cyber is a mix between gothic futuristic settings and preapocalyptic techno-future. A sort of steampunk for the 50th century, so to speak.

I am playing an augmented human, a sort of cyborg-like being with bodyparts replaced with mechanical and digital devices to enhance things such as vision and hearing. Unlike cyborgs, augmenters still have their whole brain intact, except for maybe a few enhancements. They think like humans and act like humans, well, they are humans. Think Johnny Mnemonic!

The website for INSILICO tells more about this particular world.


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