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Roleplaying in Second Life: Dee and It’s Many Races

The Isle of Dee is home to many races, from vampires to elves and play a great part of the roleplay experience.

Hini Tel’kemen’Fae – Child of Gaia is a group that accepts the races of Elves, Garou, Satyr, Faun , Dragon, Fae, Drow , Demons. These

Dalharn d'Oloth of Dee- Children of Darkness (Left), The House of Alberic (Centre) and Hini Tel'kemen'Fae - Child of Gaia (right)

beings have a home in the forest of Dee. Since Dee is a place of rules there are Do’s and Don’ts and is very helpful to those who are interested in being a part of Child of Gaia.

The House of Alberic is group given to through live within and around the city of Dee. Though made for human roleplayers The House of Alberic also welcomes non-human beings who wish to live in the city and the village.

Another race in Dee is the Children of Darkness which are Vampires, Drow, Were-creature, and Demons, everything that are dark and evil. Those who are interested in the darkest parts of the realms.

For more information on the Races of Dee visit the Isle of Dee


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