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Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 – Unseelie

The notorious Twisted Hunt is back with a vengance. With no less than 205 stores, this the hardest hunt in SL will keep you busy all month, from 1 september to 30 september.

The fall edition of 2011 has the theme of Unseelie and the theme colors are ghastly blue, giving you those fall chills that really creeps up your spine.  This is to celebrate all that goes bump in the night and the Grim Fae that rules the Unseelie Court.

I fyou wanna follow the news on the hunt, go to the hunt blog, but don’t expect any help, it’s not called the hardest hunt in SL for naught. The starting point at DV8 gives you more than what the creators think you deserve in the means of hints 😉


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One comment on “Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 – Unseelie

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