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United for Change: Second Life Benefit

Second Life is all about Charity and this August LLK is holding a charity benefit, raising money for children in Africa. The benefit will take place from August 26th to August 28th, with events that highlight African Culture.

From the Press Release: 

LLK (Live and Learn in Kenya) is a german association installed on Second Life for more than a year now (led by Brique Topaz), which is raising funds to help children in Kenya.
It’s an non-profit aid NGO.
Desolation, hunger, thirst, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution… Here is the daily life of Kenya’s children living in slums of Rhonda Nakuru. « Live and Learn in Kenya » is helping everyday in order to make the daily life of these children better.
This association has many missions faithful to the Charter of Rights of the Child : to allow education and scholarship to these children, provide medical care and hygiene, and of course allow them to eat everyday.
LLK is looking for sponsors to finance the education of poor children, which means all a child need to go to school : fees, uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies…
LLK has also an organization in Germany, medical/ dental partner « Arzt und Zahnarzthilfe Kenya», providing quarterly medical and dental cares, check-up and vaccinations.
Their feeding program is also a big success. Thanks to their operation called « Shared Joy », the organization can distribute meals for almost 500 children per day.
All the funds are donations.
100% of donations are directly transferred to Kenya to take care of children, provide education, medical care, feeding, a home and host families. Nobody earns money in LLK.


Benefit Schedule


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