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Virtual London Fashion Week Summer 2011 – Day 3

After many problems with LL’s recent updates in preparations for SL’s 8th birthday, the Virtual London Fashion Week’s third day was mostly rescheduled for a later date to be announced, but they did go through with the days highlight, Shiki.

Me, Izzie and Rustwolf was sitting in the front row at the new stage location, 2000 meters over the Knightbridge landscape. We watched with anticipation as the professional models from Elegancia Agency walked the catwalk, displaying these wonderful outfits that had been made by Shinichi Mathy as the techno music pumped through the speakers.

The CEO herself, Federica Galtier, was one of the models and it was a show to remember.

But you don’t wanna hear me go on about the show, you want to see the outfits, don’t you? I won’t hold you for much longer, here they are 😉



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