Get Twisted- +DV8+ Hunt

If you’re into Goth and Cyber fashion DV8 has a great event in store for you. This month they will be holding a month long hunt, based around the top, talented  designers of gothic, rave and cyber in all of SL.

The hunting starts on March 1st  and ends on 31st.

It's a popular event

The Twisted Hunt is brought to you by +DV8+, and sponsored by AvatarBizarre, +++BLUE BLOOD+++, Cheeky Pea, Dare Designs, *Dilly Dolls*, .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:., MiChIGaN’s ShAcK, Roawenwood, and YellowJesteR. It features MANY more merchants across the grid, who invite you totheir parlors to find deliciously twisted prizes!

More information can be found in world at +DV8+ and visit the website: Twisted Hunt Website

Izzie Morgan.

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2 comments on “Get Twisted- +DV8+ Hunt

  1. […] we said earlier this month, the Twisted Hunt is organized by -DV8- and -DV8-’s own Vasha Martinek has told me a bit […]

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