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Job in SL – DJing with DJ Random

Here’s another take on the work as a DJ in Second Life, this time from a college of mine, DJ Random. If you haven’t already, check Rock And Roll Michigans answers here.

Name: DJ Random

DJRandom Resident the Wild Child of Rock

Rezday: 1/13/2011

SL Age: 42 days (alt, main age: 1 year 6 months)

When did you know you wanted to be DJ? Or is it just a side job?

I wanted to be a DJ when I first saw DJ Callandor in Wet Willies (ed. note: A club in SL) – he inspired me to be a DJ

Yeah this is my main income

How much does being a DJ pay you?

10k a week on average, sometimes more sometimes less

How long did it take you to get a job as a DJ?

About a month at first, then, once I trained, my friend Gator gave me a shot on a quiet spot – it went crazy from there – that spot is now busy

Do you think there’s any specific requirements for being a DJ in SL?

Yeah,  you need loads of music and the ability to get more… I personally feel to be a GOOD DJ you need to have presence

Have you got any tips to give newbies out there who are interested in being DJs?

Sure yeah … Get as much music as you can for the genre, listen to people’s requests, speak on mic – it really helps you to build a fanbase, make people feel comfortable and relaxed around you … Everything will fall into place

How do you feel about being a successful DJ in SL?

It means everything to me – I love the feeling I have in a room full of people dancing and going crazy – its my passion and to give 100% is natural to me. I’d give anything to be one of the top DJ’s on SL

Morphman the Clown

Image provided by DJ Random


About Morphman the Clown

I'm the nice kind of clown that entertains you before I eat you

One comment on “Job in SL – DJing with DJ Random

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